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Do not purchase anything from this shady company! I purchased a set of (4) Pinnacle speakers from that I thought were a good deal. And they would have been a good deal--if they'd have included what was advertised! What arrived in the mail were a set of speakers so cheap, they weren't even listed anywhere on Pinnacle's website. These certainly weren't the ones pictured on Dell's website, not by a long shot. So I first called Dell. They didn't really know what to tell me & recommended I contact Pinnacle's customer service to see if they could straighten this out for me. That's where the fun began!

So I called Pinnacle's customer service number and told the woman my issue. She said I would need to speak to someone in their sales department, but "that line was busy" so she took down my name and number and said she'd have someone call me back. I waited 24 call. So I called back again. The same woman answers, and gives me the exact same excuse--their line is busy. Now I'm starting to realize I'm being lied to here. I asked her for the direct number to their sales department to which she replied, "I cannot give that out." Huh? What company doesn't want customers calling their SALES department?? Isn't that where all their money flows in to?? Now my SCAM alarm is going off in my head. So I tell her that this is looking very suspicious and that someone better call me back in the next day or I'm contacting the BBB. She promised me I'd be contacted. What a surprise--it never happened.

Finally I call back one more time with a new strategy to get passed the gatekeeper. I didn't tell her who I was, I just told her I was interested in buying some speakers from them so please put me through to the sales department. Welp, she wasn't having it. Again, told me "that line is busy." I said, "How do you know? You didn't even attempt to transfer me." I then offered to stay on the line as long as it took for the line to become available. She says, "I can't have you on the phone line all day." Now...why would their line be busy ALL day? This is a small company! Surely their sales department isn't being flooded with nonstop calls! LIES LIES LIES

I've also emailed their customer service department directly on numerous occasions only to be ignored. No response!

Listen folks, this company is running a scam! They will sell you *** speakers under false pretenses and then refuse to talk to you. I am returning the speakers to Dell, filing a complaint with the BBB against Pinnacle and posting this warning everywhere I possibly can so that no one else falls into this company's web of lies. SHAME ON YOU, PINNACLE!!! You f'ed with the wrong guy!

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